Trading and orchestration for regenerative finance

Trade spot assets and derivative instruments on Neutral while accessing a wide range of ReFi functionality.

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The platform

Our specialized order books will power spot and derivatives trading on the Neutral platform.

Users will be able to

Efficiently trade on the spot market

Hedge carbon market exposure

Secure prices for offsetting schedules and investment analysis

Access on-chain ReFi functionality without the complexities of native interaction


We’re building a specialized order book and matching engine to improve pricing and liquidity for green assets

Most ReFi assets are semi-fungible with a variety of characteristics that buyers and sellers have preferences over. Pooling these assets together increases liquidity but reduces specificity. An effective order book will allow buyers and sellers to express their preferences without fragmenting pool liquidity.


Integrating ReFi functionality

We’re integrating services across ReFi, allowing for seamless tokenization and access to order books, lightning fast order execution to generate reliable pricing, and easy access to on-chain services such as passive offsetting. Neutral will act as the backend for corporate marketplaces and embedded offsetting APIs in consumer applications.